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Melodin lockar in...

Foto: Matthew A. Cooke  

...texten connectar. tog ett snack för att kolla läget med amerikanska crossoverbandet Collide. (återges på engelska) Listening to Collide, I always tend to loose myself in the music. The soundscapes created by Statik combined with the suggestive and sensual vocals from karRIN brings out emotions that shouldn?t be explained, just experienced. What feelings are you mainly trying to project? Is there an overall thought behind that aspect?

kaRIN: Hmmm?I would say it feels hypnotic even to me while doing it. Sometimes it feels like I am in a trance while singing. I try to let go? to a point of transcending myself, so hopefully that translates. Your music wanders in several genres, but always with one foot in the more beat-driven musicstyles. Your latest release however, is a collaboration with Dean Garcia from Curve called The Secret Meeting. In what ways would you say it differs from Collide?

kaRIN: It?s hard to pinpoint exactly how it differs?but as a whole the work is definitely different. All the tracks from The Secret Meeting were started by Dean?so of course his vibe alters the effect?in some ways The Secret Meeting feels more ?otherworldly? and songlike. Collide feels slightly more experimental. The vocals tend to carry a dreamish quality. From the first release they?ve tended to get more and more suggestive, has this been a deliberate move? What are you influences when it comes to the singing-style?

kaRIN: It is hard when you try to analyze yourself and your own style?if they seem more suggestive I would probably say that I am more confident as a singer then I was in the beginning. As far as influences?I try to work internally?so it all just comes out the way it feels. The lyrics. How important are they for you? How do you want the listener to receive them?

kaRIN: The words I say are very important to me. When I listen to other people?s songs, it is the melody and music that will attract me and the words that will connect me. As far as how anyone else receives them that is totally up to them, in fact to each their own of what you gather out of them. I think you hear things based on your own thoughts and experiences in life. What are your main influences? Have they changed since you started out?

kaRIN: I am just a creative human being who enjoys a lot of outlets. You work very hard with your albums. As with a painter, the eternal question is always ?when is it done??. How do you reason?

kaRIN: If it was up to me nothing would ever get done?only started?everything would get started. Fortunately, for us Statik is the great finalizer who takes everything brings it up to the next notch and finishes it. Your cover version of Jefferson Airplanes? White Rabbit (featured in the latest Resident Evil-movie), how come you chose to record it?

kaRIN: We both just always loved the song. What?s not to love. When can we expect to see the next Collide-album to drop? What can we expect from it?

kaRIN: We are hoping to finish by the end of this year?as far as what to expect?I don?t know?it?s a mystery waiting to unfold.

Av: Fredrik Thimeradh

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